Stiftelsen Tibetanens Bokfond publisher of Swedish translations of the books of Alice A. Bailey

Stiftelsen Tibetanens Bokfond is a small publishing-house dedicated to the publication of Swedish translations of Alice A. Baileys books.

Stiftelsen Tibetanens Bokfond is a registered trust under Swedish law, and the economic key to this project has been and still is donations to the trust. In order for the available resources to be used with maximum efficiency no book royalties are paid and the translators don’t get any pay.

So far 20 out of 24 books have been translated and published and the remaining 4 titles will be published as soon as possible.

Stiftelsen Tibetanens Bokfond has also published a booklet (24 pages) in Sweden, free of charge and with the title Den svenska ockulta skolan, i.e. The Swedish Occult School. This booklet is commenting upon the Tibetans prediction in Letters on Occult Meditation that during the process called the restoration of the Mysteries a preparatory occult school will be established in Sweden.

The Way to the Occult School Group /2008/ [PDF]

On the Occult School-project /2007/ [PDF]

The Swedish Occult School /2005/ [PDF]